Nodrop Always Loot Items

These items should never be left to rot. These should be looted by an org member who is part of the raid group first, then by non-org attendees. If any of these items remain on a general, announce on guild chat. Every effort should be taken to get these looted.
Communications Relay Anyone Utils3 Item, Adds Nanoskills
Viral Targeting Subunit Anyone Hud3 Item, Adds Crit %
Drone Communication Unit Anyone Utils3 Item, adds nanoskills
Exterminator Occular Enhancement Sol, Eng, Fix, Agt
Adv, Tra, Crat
Eye Implant
Reinforced Gauntlets Anyone Adds Brawl & Body Dev
Electrophoridae Gloves Anyone Adds Energy Damage
Lamnidae Gloves Anyone Adds MA Skill & Energy Damage

Nodrop Optional Loot Items

These items may be useful to some players. If any of these remain after the raid group has looted, announce on guild chat for anyone else to come get.
Swatch of Alien Fabric Anyone Fuzzy Nano Input Hood (bm/mm)
Phasing Nano Input Hood (mc/ts)
Wrinkled Nano input Hood (pm/si)
Circular Kyr'Ozch Chip Mold TL 7 NT cyberdeck upgrade
Square Kyr'Ozch Chip Mold TL 7 NT cyberdeck upgrade
Triangular Kyr'Ozch Chip Mold TL 7 NT cyberdeck upgrade
Disassambler Tool TL 7 NT removes chip molds from cyberdeck
Aleksander's Punchknife Anyone Piercing Weapon
Odum Blade Anyone 2he Weapon
Unidentified Toxin Anyone (drops from Zix) makes Daring Antidote Stim

Non-Nodrop Always Loot Items

These are items that are in high demand, and/or should be kept for org use. Always loot these items, either for immediate disbursement, or to be stored on the org mule.
Arithmetic Lead Viralbots
Enduring Lead Viralbots
Observant Lead Viralbots
Spiritual Lead Viralbots
Strong Lead Viralbots
Supple Lead Viralbots
Anyone Should be looted by raid sponsor or leader
Making AI / Combined AI Armor Guide
Kyr'Ozch Viral-Bots Anyone Should be looted by guild members
Making AI / Combined AI Armor Guide
Solid Clump of Bio-material Anyone Pristine Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material (armor)
Mutated Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material (armor)
Typed Weapon Upgrades (weapons)
Kyr'Ozch Viral Serum (city building)
Inactive Nano Input Hood Anyone Fuzzy Nano Input Hood (bm/mm)
Phasing Nano Input Hood (mc/ts)
Wrinkled Nano input Hood (pm/si)
Viral Memory Storage Unit Anyone Deck3, Deck4 NCU
Viral Compiler Anyone Deck6 Nano-Init

Buffing Items

These items add buffs. These are always useful to keep. These can be turned over to the org mule for storage. These are almost always available form the org mule inventory.
Adrenaline Factory MA, Enf, Keeper Hud1, Adds Str, Sta
Bracer of Focused Concentration
Bracer of Killing Intent
Bracer of Striking Force
Endorphin Factory Anyone Hud1, adds Stamina

Tradeskill Items - Always Loot

These items are used in a variety of tradeskills. These should always be looted and either kept by the individual to be made for themselves or handed over to Whatchuwant for processing into guild items. There is almost always a supply of these items available to make into org-use items.
Disk of Cloudy Crystal Eng, Tra, Crat
Doc, NT, MP
Nano Controller Unit
Biomaterial Tubing Engie, Trader makes Nizno's Bomb Blaster
or Salabim Shotgun
Explosif Device Engineer Nizno's Bomb Blaster
Fused Biotech Material Trader Salabim Shotgun
Dark Biotech Rod Anyone Dark Biotech Rod Ring
Glowing Biotech Rod Anyone Glowing Biotech Rod Ring
Pulsing Biotech Rod Anyone Pulsing Biotech Rod Ring
Alien Language Matrix Enforcer Codex of the Insulting Emerto
Powdered Viral-bots Nanomage De'Valos Sleeves
Viral Weapon Upgrade Anyone Upgrades some Rubi-Ka weapons

Tradeskill Items - Optional Loot

These items are useful for some specific tradeskills, but drop so frequently that maintaining a supply of them is irrelevant. Loot these if you might need them at some later time, or for vendor food, or leave them to rot.
Energy Cores Engineer Trimmer - Cold Damage Modifier
Trimmer - Energy Damage Modifier
Trimmer - Fire Damage Modifier
Smelly Liquid Engineer Trimmer - Improve Actuators
Variable Friction Jelly Anyone  
Canister of Powder Anyone Hadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform
Overheated Compiler Anyone Hadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform
Viral Data Storage Anyone Hadrulf's Viral Belt Component Platform


These items either have no use, or no known use. These items can either be looted for vendor food, or left to rot.
Kyr'Ozch Atomic Restructuralizing Tool Tradeskillers Making AI / Combined AI Armor Guide
Inactive Viralbots Nobody 0 tradeskill processes, 0 known uses
Kyr'Ozch Biomechanical Computer Nobody Used in making Advanced City Buildings
Crystalline Disk Nobody 1 unknown tradeskill process
Broken Projector Mechanism Nobody 0 tradeskill processes, 0 known uses
Alien Tissue Sample Nobody 0 tradeskill processes, 0 known uses

Kyr'Ozch Weapons

Listed alphabetically, these weapons vary between highly useful & much sought after to complete rubbish. There's always as much of a supply of these as possible on the org mule. Feel free to trade any weapons you find to the mule, or ask any time you need a new one.